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Check engine, traction control & cruise control lights on dash


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Man, this car is getting annoying.


What does it mean when CEL & Traction lights are on solid, and cruise control flashes? 


I have checked the codes and I get P0037 as a result. 


It's still hunting a bit at lights, and almost stalls when stopping at times, but seems to be fine at power. 


*shrugs* don't want to spend more money on this thing, might be time to get rid of it maybe.



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2 hours ago, Andy_Mac said:


A misbehaving o2 sensor could be the cause for just about all your problems. Will cause it to run like crap and could be the reason your LV’s and fuelling is so messed up in logs. 

What Andy said 


Does it idle ok after taking it for a full open throttle run?


Some nice diagrams and tests for the sensor




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1 hour ago, aaronpnz said:

Thanks guys, I'll have a look into this, are they easy enuff to change? Could I do it myself?

I guess you can buy one right...


Yea super easy to change. They can be super tight if not checked previously so give it a blast with CRC beforehand since you probably won't have an open socket for loosening like shops do so you'll be stuck using a spanner unless you wanna just cut the wires off the old one and have a long socket

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Your error code is heater element so high boost on full throttle heat things enough to get a good o2 reading so it idles ok.


O2 is usually used for self tuning at cruise or idle. At full throttle it likely goes closer to the fuel maps and so has less issues. 


Sound like the error code code maybe spot on. The sensors do die and faster with more power. @Niran just had one fail.

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