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Transmission Swap 4th Gen


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Heres a question for those who have experience with Subaru Transmissions. 


Went to swap a 06 automatic transmission ( tg5c7cbdaa )into a 07 model ( tg5d7cbdaa ) (both post facelift). Reason for the swap was the 07 doing ‘harsh’ shifting as had wrong ATF put in it, however since flushed, 


Prior research suggested would need to bring the TCU as well, no biggy. Factory wiring diagrams showed same plugs, same wiring.


Installing all up, discovered the 2 main plugs are different.


So decided probably best to bring the transmission wire harness from the old car over. Turns out the 06 model TCU is a completely different build to the 07, plugs and relays on top (for shift lock?). This is starting to look very incompatible, so before I revert back to trying to save the original transmission, anyone ever encountered this/ any suggestions? 


Research is not much avail, however found some russian forums which suggested yes it would work provided can transfer TCU, different plugs and build make that a little hard.


Any suggestions would be appreicated

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