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Back in a bh5


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It's been a few months since I'd owned anything Subaru. Bought my wife an outlander and got rid of her convertible so that freed up driveway space and some funds.


This bh5 popped up local to me and I absolutely had to have it.

She's nothing special besides the color but it's a solid Rev. D

Not manual but I'm completely OK with that.


When I got it a few days ago it was in really rough shape so I gave it a full wax and polish up. Cleaned all the seats and vaccumed all the grot out.


I've just bought some sti pinks to go in, and have some new wheels lined up.




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Front tints done and wheels repainted. Looks much sharper now. Can't wait for the sti pinks to go in!

Would like an exhaust too 641d9dad947d9d3be5a201b26513ece6.jpg95fddec2c355225c9ccb976ac0ad40d6.jpg
There's an rps on trademe off an Impreza, same version I have on my rev d. Sounds like a Subaru should and not droney at all.

Love seeing more BH5s :)

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