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People importing pre-2000 WRX's


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No such thing as importing a pre 2000 wrx for 10k nowadays. 


I had a look not so long ago and you would be Be very lucky to import a pre 2000 STI done low kms for under 18k by the time it is landed in the country.


Most of the imports on trade me are low kms STI's. Unfortunately there are not many of these cars around now, and prices in Japan have gone up for them and hence they are slowly getting more expensive here too.

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These ones for sale are around 150km, and at auction they're going for around 3-5k NZD, so landed and on the roads (assuming rust free) that's around 10k ish. At least that's what the auctions are going for that I can see with my account. 


Maybe I am missing something?

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