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Wiring for primary in-tank and surge tank pumps


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Trying to decide on the best way to wire up the primary in-tank AEM 340lph pump and the surge tank Bosch 044 pump. 


I currently have full aftermarket power supply setup with circuit breaker, relay feeding into a fuelpro pump speed controller that I'm not sure what to use on. 


Options would be


A) Leave the current factory speed controlled supply setup going to the in-tank pump which should be ok with the lower amp draw once it is running as a low-pressure circulation pump and hardwire the 044.


B) Hardwire the in-tank pump and use the aftermarket speed control setup on the surge tank pump assuming they are happy with lower voltages.


C)Hardwire both


D) Factory speed control the in-tank pump with the factory setup and speed control the surge tank pump using the aftermarket system.

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