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Does a Jap Leg 2004 3.0r BLE supposed to have a front strut helper?.


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Hello All,


I have a question well a few questions really but we will start with the one in the title.  I have personal disassembly 3 different 2004 Legacy BLE Struts lately. Not one of them has had a helper?, are they even supposed to have one?. I can see the item on the general 2004/05 service manual number 21 but I have not bee successful finding a Japanese version . Or is it different for the Japanese versions?.


Any body think of a reason why they would have been taken out?, its not like its a premium part. If one was to put one in would it do more harm than good?.


Thank you for any input.





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Thank you for the interest and the response. I have hopefully added the diagram of the front suspension and circled the item that is in question.



Yea that's a good point Boon. I have had the car over year now and driven around the North Islands fun roads. While doing so with passengers and there was no startling noises.


Although I am kinda curious to install it to see if I can feel if there is any difference to the behavior of the suspension.  


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Doesn't do anything unless you bottom out the strut. It just stops the strut bottoming out so hard; in theory your bump stops should be stopping the travel of the arms before the strut reaches the end of its travel. It's tapered to provide a progressive stop when you bottom out.


It's really, really hard to bottom out an unladen stock-height BP/BL, especially if it's on Bilsteins. I don't think I've ever managed it in our BPE, but then I don't drive it terribly hard.

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