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Legacy Br9 Mods

Powder Day

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Hey Gang,


Just waiting on a New Zealand new 5th gen Br9 Legacy GT to arrive in my driveway... hopefully in the next few days. 

I had previously owned an Automatic Br9 LGT however this one is the 6MT version 🤙


Although I haven't even driven it yet I'm already thinking about mods😏 so here goes

I was thinking of;


BOV - but the GFB adjustable for when I wanna relive my youth 

Exhaust - Invidia axel back. But if anyone has a suggestion for a nice tone fire away


I have already brought an STI strut brace

It's on aftermarket 18s

Otherwise stock


Any suggestions for mods to get a few more KW or even just some tips on what to avoid.

Any help is appreciated homies


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Welcome along! and congrats on the new ride :)

Can't comment on the BOV as I've heard mixed results of how the newer cars react to those!
Invidia exhausts are really nice units, and on our STI, it was a perfect bolt-on fit, although we went cat-back. 

A nice set of reputable branded springs would up the handling a bit I imagine, and help in the looks department :)

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Sweet to see another person go for the last Legacy Wagon they ever made.

Is it the 2.5Gt or the 2.0DIT version that you have ended up with?


Depending on which one i can give you an idea on mods and may be able to supply some of the parts if it is the 2.5gt version.


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Cheers @Kiwiflyboy @Technikhaus for the help🙌


So I've received the LGT and was able to take it for a quick hoon before I whisked it away for a groom. She was pretty filthy from the transporter so I'll get a few picks up when I get it back.


  @Kiwiflyboy it is the 2.5GT not the 2.0Dit. I actually really like the shape even though it seems to split opinions


@Technikhaus I think I may opt for the Invidia too. As for bov maybe stock is best in this case


The car goes great and much more engaging with the 6spd. However I noticed a bit of play with the shifter....so it was thinking of making the first purchase a Perrin short shift kit with the solid brass bushing etc

Anyone installed a product like this? Are the Perrin ones a good fit?




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Yeah the shape is a bit more hard edged than normal legacy shapes have been.


As for parts I have used and run on mine:


BOV: Have had GFB respons on mine. Was nice to be able to make noise or none at all. I added it though to stop the factory uint from leaking they are know to be very bad a leaking especially it boost starts to go above 13/14 psi is leaks away and the turbo has to work its ass off to try and keep levels where they should be. (so can be a good mod if your one is leaking, However downside to this is.... If you have a exhaust that now flows better along with this and possibly an intake you will get boost spikes and boost cut without a tune.)


Exhaust: I went for HKS Premium ES system after talking to @sobanoodle, He had tried others and found them to sound bad or drone like crazy. This one gives you a nice sound with out stupid drone inside. This is my BR9 with before and after of the exhaust 


Intake: Have used HKS intake system from turbo to intercooler and filter to turbo. If the car is NZ new the turbo to intercooler wont fit from what i understand.


Brakes: @sobanoodle did alot of work on this suggest you have a look at his posts about these.


Big changes in handling come from Bracing and sway bar upgrades in this chassis, I have cusco rear and front bracing as well as Whiteline sway bar that has really changed how this car handles around corners now. Its a heavy car but sits much flatter and has more control in the steering inputs.


Mine came with STi lowering springs from factory, however there are lowering spring options you can get or of course go full coilover and be able to dial it to what ever you like.


If you do the exhaust and even an intake take and get it tuned, I had planned on SAS doing mine here but work has got rid of me so need to hold that off. If you up north hit up Possum Borne Motorsport they can sort you out with all the tune and parts.


Any more Q feel free to PM



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@Kiwiflyboy That's exactly the sort of information I was chasing, very much appreciated. Sorry to hear about your hard times too. 


I just got the wagon back from getting an inspection done at M45 and it looks like the clutch will need replacing sooner rather than later 💸💸.....But appart from that it's looks to be in good shape mechanically.


So that's it for me getting any mods done in the near future. Hopefully a few little things but nothing like an exhaust or anything.


I did receive my Killer Bee wrc style shift knob so I guess I have my first mod done!?





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Cheers @sobanoodle I'll be avoiding too much suspension work as I'll be using it as a ski wagon. The strut brace is enough for now.


Has anyone bothered to out an AOS on their LGT or anything with an EJ25 for that matter. It it worth it on a stock engine? 

I've been looking at the Perrin units but they are $$$

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