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Understanding some ECU fault codes

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Long story short:

driving home from a 3 hour drive, driving up hill on a motorway, wound up some boost and the car surged forward awkwardly, slowed up and went into limp mode (TC off light, check engine light, SI drive light flashing etc) 

cleared the lights with 5 stop starts. Car has been driving fine, but I quickly and luckily got my car scanned 5 mins later. These codes came up:


Engine Control System:

1: P0244: Turbocharger waste gate solenoid a range/performance(High Input)



Brake control system 

1: C0057 VDC control interruption because of engine instructions 

2:  C0047 Improper CAN communication 


Obviously I need to check and properly diagnose something to avoid P0244 again, but what exactly?


im guessing the brake control system codes are the ECU’s reaction to the first code? 

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12 hours ago, Gripless said:

That code and going up hill in a high gear is usually over boosting. 
Ie the waste gate and solenoid range isn’t enough to keep the boost at target. 


maybe 57 is due to limp mode but 47 could be anything. 


Ah right. So is this any indication or a bad solenoid, or bad connection, maybe solenoid needs cleaning? 
Come to think about it, I was in fourth gear and just planted it. 

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