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Oil pressure sender for Lamco Gauges


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Hey guys,


Just want to confirm what oil pressure senders work with the Old skool factory lamco gauge set and wiring? 


From  memory there was a thread somewhere online saying Defi ones work. Is this correct? Are there other options that would work also?


I think my sender has gone bad as it reads 2 bar of oil pressure with only the ignition on and then goes to maximum when engine starts. Or could this be bad wire connection??


Be glad for feedback

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I dont recall seeing a black box as such but it does have the extra wire to plug into the factory wiring so that the light doesn't show on the dash. Does the black box mount up behind the gauges inside the pod?


It has been working fine for the last 6 months it has been in the car. I had been driving it Saturday morning and everything was fine. Went to go out in the afternoon and pressure gauge was totally up the whack. 


I un plugged it and plugged it back in and started the car again and the gauge was read fine again that one time. Now its continually reading bad. 


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1 hour ago, IZichard said:

Yeah the box is mounted on the bracket behind the gauges. Just take the two screws off the front and the cover lifts off.

Mine was intermittently flicking the oil light on and off so not quite the same symptom but it is something to check before getting a new sensor.

Yep I got in there tonight and checked all the connections with the ignition on. Must have been a bad connection on one of the power wires as when I gave it a wriggle and it came good again.

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