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Whining noise in 5th

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So today I noticed a whining noise in 5th gear. It sounded like a high pitched noise but it ONLY occurs at 94 - 96km/h in 5th gear with light throttle. If I am off throttle or building any boost I don't hear it and I don't hear it in any other gear at all, and I don't hear it in 5th if I am below 95km/h or above 100km/h which is really weird.


What could possible be making this noise? Diff? Bearings? Is this something worth getting checked or should I just leave it for now as it only seems to happen at 95km/h in 5th.


I should note that trans shifts with 0 issues at all and smoothly.

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1 hour ago, WRX300 said:

Sell it and buy a daily. This car is giving you high levels of anxiety.


Nah I am not worried I am relaxing more now and am actually just enjoying the car :).


Was just curious what it could be and if it is something I should just leave chur

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