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Why can I not get a front tow hitch fitted? pls help.

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I have a trailer I want to push into place, not possible to reverse in.

Ive tried a couple of places now and they said they wont do a front towball for an Outback (2006 H6),

I get if its protruding why that would be a problem. but HEAPS of vehicles out there with them that have no issues with WOF etc. Surely If I can remove it, then why not?

Can somebody please help me out with a suggestion. In Aucks. Cheers guys.

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It depends largely on the class and weight of the vehicle. 

Have a read over this, mainly condition 2

In short, I suspect it will be difficult to fit a front tow bar to an Outback without modifying the front structure of the vehicle therefore failing a WOF and/or requiring LVV Cert

A quick google reveals this as an idea? 

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the ones I've seen are 'popular' bull bar type Prado / mitsi's that suit that style of mount too


yeah you cant even cut the bumper support beam these days it seems to install front mount IC's without falling foul eh


one of them trailer jockeys might be better eh (I'm sure you could motorise one too etc



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