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02 SG Forester Low Boost


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Hi Team


Recently bought an 02 SG forester XT auto to do a bit off off roading 


First thing I notice is it's definitely low on power, the previous owner had been running it on 91 so thats not a great start 


Its completely stock and been well serviced, and i pulled the intercooler off last night to check hoses etc and everything looks good


Have put a tank of NPD100 octane in it and it seems to be a bit better but it still is down on power


What would be the next thing to look at? boost kind of jerks a bit and isnt real smooth


AFM maybe? ill try cleaning that with some cleaner and see how that goes 


but otherwise be good to have some suggestions 

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On 29/04/2022 at 9:09 AM, R/T said:



Update, the plugs were very average so in went new ones, but I think the main cause was one of the coils plugs clip was broken so the contacts wouldn't have been contacting properly,

had some spare good ones off a legacy I had that that were lower kms so replaced the coils with them 


Drives like the ol girl should now! 

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