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Questions about 18x8.5s on Bugeye


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Hey everyone


I've been in the market for new rims for a LONG while now. My Bugeye still has these awful and ugly 17x7.5 rims since I got the car and I just haven't upgraded yet for various reasons.

I decided to go 18x8 as I like the 18 inch look.



I'm after a nice concave (not insanely concave), with the smaller spoke design.


Kudos Tokyo are my favourite wheel as an example of the style I like.

Anyway, I have not upgraded as I:


1. Can't seem to find a wheel I want in the right size, width, offset, stud pattern and color.

2. Am a bit stuck on how big I can go, in regards to rubbing, clearance, etc etc.


So, I was wondering if I can go 18x8.5 on a Bugeye without modding, or with minimal modding?

I'm on stock ride height currently.


Also, I've been adverse to going TOO big or TOO wide because I kept hearing about performance loss due to heavier rims/tyres and a greater rotating mass.


How much of a performance difference would 18x8.5 be compared to 17x7.5?


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