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Xforce Exhaust Stockist South Island?


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Hi Team


Looking to get an XForce catback exhaust for the STI  - this one here https://www.nzperformance.co.nz/categories/exhaust-system/x-force-exhaust-systems/subaru/xforce-impreza-sti-2007-on-hatch-cat-back-exhaus-2?gn=Subaru&gp=3


However being in Nelson the freight is like $150 to get it from AKL


If I can save a bit and get one from the south island would be great but cant see anyone in the south that stocks them - anyone know of someone?

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2 hours ago, ginganinja said:

Prestige tuning in Wellington are dealers for Xforce. Could be an option, being a little bit closer.


Yeah called them they still have to get them from AKL so price is the same unfortunately 

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1 hour ago, ginganinja said:

Gutted. Just be wary that you will most likely get hit with customs duty and GST on its arrival when getting it in from australia.


Fortunately not the order cost me $762.69 AUD (includes a GFB Bov) and freight of $236.51 AUD means there wont be any fees



Screenshot 2022-10-27 164350.jpg

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