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The Green Spark Plug Company


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I was looking for a a set of plugs for my EZ30 and came across The Green Spark Plug Company, shipping out of the UK.

It looks like they sell the NGK ILFR6B plugs for a reasonable price. Its hard to see if they are priced USD though, $17.55 per plug seems like too good a deal for that not to be USD?

Has anyone used them before?

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I assume you have ordered and received your plugs already. I will vouch for the Green Sparkplug company as well.

I bought a set of 4 ILFR6Bs in December two years ago and they came and were as advertised. Shipped from the UK so it took a little bit of time to arrive but I sat on them until I did my cambelt and idlers a couple of months later anyway. No drivability issues in the 30000km they've been in my car. 

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