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Coolant smell?

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Hi everyone I've bought a 2008 SH5 Forester XT and had it about 3 weeks.


However I've recently noticed in the last week that it has a hot coolant smell after every drive (didn't smell it on test drive but could have missed it), I've somewhat pin pointed the strongest bit of the smell from around the passenger side headlight.. I've driven it almost 1,000kms already since I've had it and I haven't noticed any coolant loss from reservoir or radiator no smoke or anything suspicious.


The reservoir however is roughly 10mm over the "full" mark. How likely is it that the smell is just an overfull reservoir? Anyone had same problem and worked it out? I've googled it and got a bunch of results saying it's a normal Subaru thing and nothing to worry about.. but I've had other Subaru in the past that definitely didn't smell like this 🤣





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In general you would only notice a coolant smell once it is escaping from somewhere... in this case the overflow bottle. I would take some out of it (when it's cold)... if it still keeps overflowing,

you maybe in trouble.

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I'd start by making sure volumes are correct in the cooling system and overflow tank and no air in system and keeping an eye on it.
If still smell of coolant/overflow then could be as simple as a failing radiator cap (not holding correct pressure and overflowing) or cooling system getting pressurised from combustion and some coolant is escaping causing the smell.

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