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Wiring guides and pinouts.


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Been collecting all this stuff onto my hard drive. I even made my own pinout for the pre-face-lift BE/BH's.

So here's the ever illusive BH pinouts. Caution, it's still a work in progress


And some handy stuff:

MY99 Legacy Wiring Diagram. Turbo models included!


V5/6 Wiring diagram and pinout


Legacy pins vs Impreza pins. The top is legacy, bottom is Impreza. Note the pin numbers, B134, and B136 are reversed on the 2.


Factory legacy pinouts, awaiting proper scans




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Almost 10 years later, I'm hunting the internet high and low for DAYS trying to find a BH5A twin turbo pinout to diagnose a no start... and google leads me right here! Thank F*** I uploaded these, cause 3 or 4 computers later, they are gone from my hard drive!


Anyone have the complete A-C rev BH5 turbo service manual? I can only find D-rev AUDM complete, or A rev USDM N/A...


Anyway, I've re-archived these on my google drive, I ought to make a public drive for posterity.

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Hi Reuben i was hoping that some one might be able to help me out with my conversion.

i have a 97 BG5 that ive recently converted to single turbo following this guide.


all the parts i used came from a 97 forester retaining the Ej20r and just using manifolds and what not from the forester.



I have a version 4 "75" ecu also running the single coil pack on the intake manifold.

I've wired the ecu and igniter as per this guide and i have no spark. ive tested the coil pack using a multi meter and that all seems fine.


my understanding of the wiring is 


at the Ecu A9 is wired in to A10

A22 and 23 are wired in to A9 


B18 is ground.


the igniter is ground 

red and blue wires to the coil pack

and the 2 triggers to what A9 and A10 respectively


the car cranks but has no spark.

12v power is at the coil


have i misunderstood the wiring from this guide?



Thanks in advance 

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