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  1. 2007 for me. Joined up after buying the RS. Met Dane at a track day not long after...
  2. if your mostly nice hot motorway driving you wont build up carbon..
  3. Oh crap... Now what am i gonna do with all these drums of skid diesel i have......
  4. The best guy
  5. In my rs.. for normal daily driving i leave it all the way open.. on the track i launch two lights up from open and then lock it...
  6. No terms used here could ever be classed as "Normal"... ever!!!
  7. Dodgy ol Massey? Dont get into a fight out there or your likely to end up with a sickle to the back of your head....
  8. 180mm grinder and some masking tape make 4 short intersecting cuts on the outside skin of the door and that lock will pop straight out.
  9. His manifold looks the same as this.
  10. hmmmmm his mani looks a little diff to the photos in OP...
  11. ok.. silly question time.. what chassis is the 98 wagon.. Have a mate with a 98 and he is moaning bitterly about TT