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  1. 2007 for me. Joined up after buying the RS. Met Dane at a track day not long after...
  2. if your mostly nice hot motorway driving you wont build up carbon..
  3. Oh crap... Now what am i gonna do with all these drums of skid diesel i have......
  4. The best guy
  5. In my rs.. for normal daily driving i leave it all the way open.. on the track i launch two lights up from open and then lock it...
  6. No terms used here could ever be classed as "Normal"... ever!!!
  7. Dodgy ol Massey? Dont get into a fight out there or your likely to end up with a sickle to the back of your head....
  8. 180mm grinder and some masking tape make 4 short intersecting cuts on the outside skin of the door and that lock will pop straight out.
  9. His manifold looks the same as this.
  10. hmmmmm his mani looks a little diff to the photos in OP...
  11. ok.. silly question time.. what chassis is the 98 wagon.. Have a mate with a 98 and he is moaning bitterly about TT
  12. What sort of $ are you planning on putting them on for?
  13. basically... Casting is where an alloy is heated to a liquid stage and poured into a mould where it cools and is then removed from the casting mould then machined. This is by far the cheapest process. Forging is where an alloy solid billet is heated and then two dies are squeezed together at enormous pressure to form the initial shape which is then machined for final result Semi forging is.. A billet is heated to its "Soft stage" then the soft material is injected into a cast die to form the initial shape which is then machined Cast pistons are usually made of a "Cheaper" alloy (Lowest cost per unit) Semi forged of a "Higher quality" alloy Forged of a "Highest quality" alloy. (Highest cost per unit) you will find especially in subarus pistons will be labeled or referred to as Hyperutectic. This piston is die cast of a higher alloy when compared to cast pistons. But is of a lower quality material than "Forged" pistons. so the term used frequently being "Semi forged" is incorrect. these pistons are "High temperature die cast"