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  1. I was trying to get at the principal behind it = hard rubber mounts/bracing increases noise transfer form moving parts to the chassis and into the cabin.
  2. Don't quote me, but I'm going to blindly say it should be normal. Same results from installing a Group N trans mount on my car, now I have a very noticeable grinding sound from the box on deceleration. My conclusion = the noise was always there (might be normal, might not be, high chance it could lunch itself soon being a 5 speed), the new solid mounts just transfer it to the chassis and into the cabin more than the soft ones did. Could be the same thing for you?
  3. 10mm spacers must be the slip on type = big no no IMO, your wheel nuts will have 1cm less threads to grab onto and spacers add extra load to the wheel bearings. 2011 STI must be 5x114.3 with bigger/stronger bearings so it's not as big of an issue as it is for the 5x100 guys I guess. On top of that they're illegal it's not even possible to get a cert for slip on spacers.
  4. WRX wagons - when you've got rubbish to dump at 10 but need to smoke some Evos at 4....
  5. http://www.stahlcar.nz/diagnostic-tools/obd1-tools/obd1-pc/subaruobd Will do the trick also. Can read codes, view realtime stats and learning tables, but can't be used for tuning like a Tactrix.
  6. Nope, not for me. They come with 2 shims per pad so i used both and no noise.
  7. Silverline is a cheap brand sold at Repco iirc, not at all designed for track use lol. I actually think the contact area on the pads for the 316mm rotor is bigger than the 4pots.
  8. If you can find a wrecked BP/BL at pickapart then its a cheap upgrade, you'll need calipers, brackets and disks. Znoelli's are ~$200 retail at BNT.
  9. 4th gen+ LGTs and 3.0ls have 316x30mm rotors with 2 pot sliding calipers front, 290x18mm 1 pot sliders on the rear. I assumed Outbacks were the same but looks like I'm wrong - wth Subaru this page has some good info https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1265631 as does this one http://northursalia.com/modifications/brakes/gtrear/gtrear.html Anyways yes, the front and rears should bolt straight on as they did for me on my WRX (might have to remove the backing plate). I tracked the WRX with these brakes and Znoelli sp500 pads front (supercheap auto specials rear) and it took 3 laps of Taupo to cook them, but they seemed to cool pretty quickly down the dragway straight. Bearing in mind I'm not an experienced track driver and I was being gentle with engine braking because 5 speed - an experienced trackist could probably get another lap or 2 before they started to fade. Not sure what effect the extra weight of an Outback would have.
  10. Have a good look under the intake manifold, your crossover pipe o-rings could be leaking a little like mine are.
  11. She won't drive a station wagon, so unfortunately not would love one tho. But also my ridiculous driveway would destroy a lowered anything.
  12. Me and the Mrs did a thing.....pics and details to be shared tomorrow, but it's nothing too exciting and actually quite tame.
  13. I tested a 3.0 BP wagon on the weekend, wouldn't recommend the leather seats, too slippery when combined with the body roll of the wagon.
  14. Being a twin turbo with a pea size primary turbo it will always be on boost, especially with around town driving. Make sure the plugs are fresh, MAF is clean, thermostat is working and all that good stuff.....and you could also let off the jandal a bit, but who wants to do that
  15. Hahaha, put her in the boot and close the cargo cover you reckon? inb4 domestic violence isn't funny