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  1. Being a twin turbo with a pea size primary turbo it will always be on boost, especially with around town driving. Make sure the plugs are fresh, MAF is clean, thermostat is working and all that good stuff.....and you could also let off the jandal a bit, but who wants to do that
  2. Hahaha, put her in the boot and close the cargo cover you reckon? inb4 domestic violence isn't funny
  3. Reverse gear is straight cut so it will whine unlike the others that are helical, I guess you're saying your reverse whines more/sounds different to other cars? A video will help a lot here.
  4. It's looking like a good day to get out for a drive and snap some pictures, look forward to seeing what you come up with!
  5. It's easy enough to do without raising the engine, you just have to be patient and take your time. No torque wrench needed, just use a small 1/4 inch ratchet, don't even think about using a 3/8 or you'll strip the threads
  6. 2nd hand struts have always been something I've tried to avoid, they never seem to end well for me I'm looking at importing some KYB AGXs from the U.S, $100 per corner so it will just be the fronts for now and rears....well maybe they can be a Xmas present.
  7. So my car started handling like ass, rolling when turning and diving under hard's the front passenger side shock:
  8. Old (close enough, probably should have gone when it was less busy) New
  9. Few things excite me more than a drive to KFC tbh
  10. Following the S*** out of this... I want some also. I know GD chassis Honda Fits/Jazzs have them but don't know if they'll fit our cars.
  11. I was in CHCH on the weekend and took a friends WRX through some puddles in New Brighton, he wasn't too impressed
  12. Take them to a workshop and get them to do it for you, i have had it done myself in the past for $20 cash = everyone's happy and no one has taken a solid steel spring to the face.
  13. The trouble (unless I'm looking in the wrong places) is finding a spring that has an equal or higher spring rate than the factory V7 STI springs, without giving to much low. Edit: and then finding someone who sells them, usually importing them, all while keeping it affordable.
  14. Ahh my bad, i didn't read the title properly Yeah you fancy new car guys have the bolt on hubs so if you buy the whole thing it's a bolt on job.
  15. Can't offer advice on the job itself except to say a shop press would make it 100x easier to press the bearings, you might consider taking off your hubs and take them to a workshop with your new bearings and get them to do the pressing. Also steer clear of Febest, I've used their bearings and they don't last.