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      Mega Meet 2018 OUR 21st!   09/04/18

      We're turning 21! And we're celebrating on the weekend of the 12th & 13th of May 2018   Come join us Saturday and Sunday events including a FREE Lunch @ the Tui Brewery, Mangatanoka, for Subscribed forum members   A cruise after to the Karting Venue in Palmerston North   Following that Sunday is a Playday on Track event @ Manfeild    Join us for any one or ALL of the events & help get together to celebrate NZ's Largest & oldest online Subaru Community! ~ Joker


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  1. Me too. What's with the comments re. Autos not benefiting that much from a tune though?
  2. Sweet I'll text you later this week to make sure we're still on 😁 I'll text @chulozumo too and see if he's coming
  3. Sounds good to me, how about the jville countdown/warehouse carpark then? Plan is to leave my place by 5.30 so we'd be there by 5.45ish.
  4. Not sure at this stage I really need to sort that out though. I'm coming from Karori so I reckon a good place to meet would be somewhere on the Hutt Rd underneath the interchange/overpass? You're coming from the Hutt right?
  5. Looks like I'm in for the Saturday 😁 I'll bring a mate along and do the DYM session then head back (not doing Sunday) Let's organise to meet somewhere and cruise up together?
  6. I'm considering coming up for the expression session on Saturday and putting the WRX around the track. This would be a good opportunity for anyone coming to the MegaMeet in May who has never driver Manfeild before to familiarise yourself with the track.
  7. Fixed my rear passenger side actuator without replacing it. Still working fine after a few months. http://forum.liberty.asn.au/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10479
  8. Doubt it will be cheaper locally. You can get 2x OEM bushes 20204AG011 from amayama.com for as little as $56 if you don't mind waiting a few weeks for shipping.
  9. following...thinking of going baffled but the thought of changing sumps again is putting me off
  10. When I replaced my sump I used this, worked OK for me. http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/Permatex-Ultra-Grey-RTV-Silicone-Gasket-Maker-Rigid-High-Torque-99g/5359
  11. you are a braver man than I
  12. AGXs are great - maybe a little bit harsh for everyday driving even on the softest setting, but everyone's tolerance is different.
  13. Will see yall for the track day!
  14. You dare hang S*** on AU falcons?! https://www.facebook.com/aufalcons
  15. Nope, untuned
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