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  1. You dare hang S*** on AU falcons?!
  2. Nope, untuned
  3. My 3.0r can barely get 7.5km/l city driving around wellington, 12.5 open road, so it's not flash on fuel when not towing. .With 1.5 tonne loaded onto it I would hate to think what the fuel use would be, and when you add the fact it takes 98 petrol you're looking at $$$ to tow long distance. I would look at something newish diesel. But, just to contradict myself completely, I'm considering putting a towbar on it to tow my WRX around lol.
  4. Yeah my biggest concern with cheaper tyres is how much noise they're going to make and how comfortable they'll be. Good to know the zetums don't seem to have that issue.
  5. I've also heard that they're a perfectly acceptable daily tyre. I'll be trying them when i need to replace what's on my BLE. Try Burkes Tyres Kilburne.
  6. Washed em'. WRX looks like it has a lift kit when it's parked on an incline
  7. Yes it will. Stick a resistor in there or get the CEL disabled by a tuner
  8. A few years back we did a cruise around Whitby to see all the Xmas lights, could be an idea. Problem is I can't make it on a weeknight as it doesn't get dark till damn near 10pm. EDIT: I'm asleep by 9.30 usually LOL
  9. Might get some and start applying it before my 4th gen starts showing signs of the problem. Watching this for a while tho, just in case your dash starts peeling and cracking in the next few summer months lol.
  10. Replaced my McIntosh 6"s recently with some Polk audio DB651 6.5" drivers. They do the job pretty well. No adapters required, they come with multi-hole/pattern adapters that fit pretty much perfectly. Ideally you would replace them with something 8ohm but they can be somewhat hard to find, the Polk's are 4ohm and my the McIntosh amp seems to be coping fine so far.
  11. Anyone here driving on GY Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s? Tossing up whether or not I want to stick to RE003s or try something else. They're for my 3.0r so comfort is important, which RE003s are average for. The Asymmetric 3s are a good $ more per tyre vs the RE003.
  12. I have an AVS too. Battery lasts 2 weeks at a stretch without driving it.
  13. Mmmm all this facelift goodness is making me jealous
  14. I love my 3.0, very smooth and torquey unit. They aren't V8 level bad on petrol around town, but they're no 4cyl Honda either, last time I looked I think I was getting ~7.5km/l city and ~12km/l highway. Agree with @Kiwi_Fozze to get the newest you can afford. Facelift models are just that - facelifted, the front grill, head and tail lights and front and rear bumper are different among other things. Also my auto box will occasionally hang onto gears for too long (holding 2nd when clearly it should be in 3rd), but these are bugs that I believe can be fixed with a TCU flash from by Subaru.
  15. I was trying to get at the principal behind it = hard rubber mounts/bracing increases noise transfer form moving parts to the chassis and into the cabin.