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  1. Gave the legacy a big service today as I have no idea when stuff other than oil and the cam belt were last done as I am first Nz owner. -spark plugs changed and they were actually in good condition -brake fluid flush -rear diff oil changed, fluid was still a decent colour -transmission drained and filled! Fluid was a little brownish but still it bad. Will do a drive tomorrow and then drain and new fluid again. -coolant drained and will fill tomorrow. Waiting on a Torx T70 bit to arrive so I can drain the front diff as well. Overall pretty happy that it looks like someone has looked after the car in Japan.
  2. Yeah the diff place that did that and then th bear box said they had a lot of issues with the SG Japan imports as they had cheap as s*** components vs the NZ new ones. I had front and rear sway bars from white line. Rear subframe locks from white line. Camber arms and lots of Cusco bracing along with the coil overs and 4pot/2pot brakes. I used mine in sealed tracks though so different setup for that
  3. I took a SF5 turbo Forester from stock to a track day car and was a heap of fun. Need to do a lot of work in handling an brake department that's for sure. -Sway bars made big change for the SF version as did coil over suspension stopped the boat like handling. -We used to have the SG Forester for my wifes car and had issues with rear diff and noise its whole time we had it rebuilt under warranty and was till never right so flicked it soon after.
  4. Dam that’s high fuel consumption for a NA. MY 2.5 turbo legacy uses 12.5 when I drive it hard around town but usually 11. NA really sucking fuel there
  5. Had the recall work for the passenger airbag and park brake done today by Armstrong Christchurch. Was excellent service car came back washed and cleaned on the inside. No marks on the outside or scratches or rattles on the inside. All the things (defi controller) were back where they should be as well. So for me was a good experience and the parts guy was very helpful in getting me a gasket they didn’t have in stock from Auckland overnight.(partsouq didnt supply it on my last order as they didn’t have stock either)
  6. Hey what are people putting in the 5EAT transmissions? Going to do a big service on the car and no idea when the fluid was last changed.
  7. Sweet, just spoke to armstrongs in Christchurch and its all booked in for Monday. Has anyone had their car done at Armstrongs Christchurch and if so were you happy with the job they did? They told me they for my 5th Gen legacy they will need to remove the whole dash to replace the passenger airbag so fingers crossed nothing get damaged as they do that! The park break recall is a new one as well and they have only just got the parts for that in.
  8. I also got my recall today for the 2010 Legacy, Knew the passenger airbag was a recall but apparently the electronic park brake is also going to be replaced or some part of it as that a recall as well???? Fingers crossed they don't break the dash or leave it in a s*** condition will be taking a lot of photos before it goes in,.
  10. Will be trying to find one hat will have the clear area for the I-sight that I’d say be harder. In my experience Novpvus been excellent and treated the cars I have had windows replaced on really well. Smith and smith was f***ing terrible. Left windscreen adhesive over bonnet and excess around window.
  11. When I checked the car for you I remember the guy saying it was a pain in the ass getting the windscreen replaced for it as that version never had I-Sight according to the glass places. Had to take it in and they had to source one especially made for it.