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  1. Perfect for doing up the wheels nuts so the wheels don’t fall off too [emoji12]
  2. Stage 2 of legacy clean today. Cut and polish to bring back that white pearl shine!
  3. Just a little wing on a wagon [emoji51]
  4. Did stage 1 of the big legacy clean today. Hasn’t had a proper clean for about 1 year as I was living in Wellington CBD and they have nothing decent in welly to wash cars. Love my snow foam Looks like I killed something with my wheels [emoji23]
  5. Took car for WOF. Failed for the first time ever in the legacy. Failed for LED fog light bulbs, LED park lights and I removed the rear lower bumper reflectors and replaced them with rear light for brake and rear driving light. Guy was pretty good and said LED changed in Jan this year so that’s why hasn’t been a problem before and said the rear light set up I had is actually better in his opinion than just a reflector but the law is the law and they under so much pressure they can’t pass stuff like they used too. Said what I do after I leave is my choice of course [emoji23]
  6. Changed the oil and filter on the Legacy today first time I done it on the BR9 gen 5 myself normally gets taken to crowes as I don’t have time but managed to fit it in and got a good look at the new Low mount turbo setup they used for the Gen 5 legacy’s. I have had twin turbo legacy before and ej20 turbo forester so used to the turbo and intercooler setup on a normal Subaru but this was different Turbo sits in front of the engine right at the bottom by the exhaust headers which come out and join under the oil pan. They then pass through hot section and straight to the exhaust. I was also pleasantly surprised at how clean it all was under the car!
  7. Package arrived this morning from Sobanoodle, brought some Cusco braces that he had fitted to his old BR9 legacy. Managed to install the rear brace front one for another day. That combined with the whiteline sway bar will keep the back end nice and tight.
  8. Happy to help check one out for you
  9. I’m guessing all they did was a different spring on the standard shock. I don’t think anyone else on here has that legacy yet. Is it a firm ride that bounces back on bumps or bouncy all the time? Doubt there is much you can do other than changing the whole set up. May we see if Subaru dealership have any options for you?
  10. Haven’t had one since I had mine. Most likely it’s cos not NZ new I guess
  11. The braces I keen on didn’t know you had the rear sway bar though? Old size was 16mm now 22 with 3 way adjustable better make a difference.
  12. Finally found some time to install the whiteline goodies that arrived last week. Now just to find the time to see how it has changed how the car handles.
  13. Lol haven’t even got back to chch. We running late so prob won’t get it done till tomorrow afternoon sorry