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  1. Manually engage at the lights in the BR or traffic jam and then just power away when needed. The outback is awesome In traffic jam just let it deal with the traffic and it stops and starts as needed
  2. Ah na that’s different again. You can engage the park brake anytime when stopped and it will hold position in drive till you add power. If you select hill assist will do it anytime that hill assist has been left on I also think it needs some sort of incline as well for that one to work. Wife’s new outback has stop start and eye sight cruise control. When cruise control is selected and it brings car tot a stop it engages the park brake until power is added or up is selected to tell cruise control to continue tracking the vehicle in front.
  3. This then leads into the newer cars with stop start. Feature good at the lights of you feeling super lazy and can’t be assed holding foot on brake pedal
  4. I have one of the rapid dry towels, doesn't do the whole legacy or outback cars are just a bit too big. still bloody good though to use and get most of the car and then I finish with the camois
  5. They stopped legacy wagon and then brought out the Levorg. So now only big wagon is outback. Sports wagon is levorg
  6. Pretty sure it’s a tow right branded. I got the company I brought the car from to get it done as part of me buying it
  7. Never got the hate like the look better than my old BH wagon. They are popular in states and a few mods and they look good. Go bloody sweet too for a wagon.
  8. My removable one on the BR9 was $450
  9. This was my issue with my old TD-04 on the forester when they tried to up the boost. IAT went sky high and just turned into a hair dryer!
  10. Yeah it wont let you drop to 2nd at 100 will beep at you if you try to select it, that's if you have the sport shift anyway. pretty much I just drove it in auto and when I wanted to pass and keep it a short pass use sport shift as above otherwise if speed was above 80 I just had to wait for the transfer. People always bitch about the twin, and so on but I found once I new where the primary and secondary worked it was great. The worst thing was if you were trying to go full power and then you came off throttle while in high RPM so the secondary was boosting it would take awhile for the switch over to go back to the primary. Could have just been my car but then was like no boost for a good we period while it sorted its self out
  11. With the auto if I needed a quick pass and was doing 80 or under I would pop it in second with the we steering wheel shifter and then it would pretty much give me full boost when I went to pass as 80kmphr is about 4500 rpm in second. Then change third and lose your license if you don’t back off lol
  12. As above pretty normal. Should notice a period of lag and then at 5000rpm all of the fun starts to happen. Being year 99 version b/c will have a bit more of a slow/low boost compared to the last version they made. Is it auto or manual? My auto if you left your foot flat it will change to the next gear and be straight back into the power at 5000rpm was excellent for passing
  13. I do like the black or dark ones but have owned before and found a PITA for scratches and keeping clean. The white pearl has a nice shine and don’t show marks or dirt as much. We have a young toddler so expect the odd scratch or ding.
  14. Wow so it is, that one almost identical to mine. Except Mine had the sti lip, sti springs, and sti exhaust quad tips, inside I also had the defi controller and Gauge and different headunti with the cruise control and media controls. So I’m guessing the media controls will be plug and play unsure about the cruise control but guessing that same. I brought my 2010 with 90000km for 21k almost 2 years ago now
  15. There are steering wheels with the buttons on trademe if you get one that doesn’t and should be plug and play if the head unit you have supports it. Most should have the cruise control and audio though other wise will be a basic spec model