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  1. Inbetween work ill be glued to the TV love this race still need to get over there and watch it! Will be interesting to see how they go with all the practice being wet and now its dry for qualifying.
  2. Best option and safest for to make sure it all runs well would be the likes of a LINK ECU
  3. All good I sorted it. I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t logged in. [emoji849]
  4. Hey anyone else notice Tapatalk not working wih clubsub forum anymore?
  5. Are you putting them on rims that will be only track type use? If so for good bang for buck I have used the Achillies 123s and have found them excellent in dry and not too bad for a simi slick in the wet.
  6. But it seals it all up good doesn’t it. More the better? [emoji38]
  7. Dam i wish we had mobil 98 in the south island, the onlly choice we get is BP!
  8. WOW gutted man, for you to have two excellent rides destroyed by others!!!!!! Thankfully your ok and family were not in the car agin
  9. I know that pain. My wife did mine though.
  10. End of an era for the Fat Panda. Today took the shell down to the scrap yard and said good bye. Has been ownership with my brother and then myself for close to 11 years since it first arrived in NZ. From 30000km up to 189000km all done on the same engine and was still going strong when removed. Was bloody good fun doing it up and hitting the track with some good surprises from others out there when they got passed or couldn’t shake it off their bumper. A we break now while I move around nz for 12 months and then time for another project.
  11. Pulled the heart of the forester out today.
  12. Started to strip the forester of all the add on parts to sell them off. 2 1/2 Years from a almost stock forester SF5 to something hat gave a lot of people a good surprise on the track. Time for the next project. If any wants or needs any parts yell out I’ll list them all up in the Coming weeks
  13. Can you get integrated ones like what the new outback’s have? We have them and thing they are excellent. The bars fold away when not in use. The rear bar has two positions to choose from from almost the very back to around the back passenger door. They are thinner but every mounting unit I had already has a set of brackets that fit perfectly. Have used the Thule bike racks, roof box SUP carrier ski racks and no complaints at all. People overseas really load these things up too when they go camping. Personally if I had my own outback I’d go for this set up over have other racks now
  14. So someone local managed to pay and grab it yesterday so it’s all gone. Thanks@subru and@inked for the offers.
  15. Yeah will be based out of wellington for some time from about may/june. Ill send you a PM once I can confirm it Yeah he said it was fitted to his BE legacy though so I'm just getting the length checked as I'm not sure it will fit the BR Legacy I have yet. Otherwise bloody good deal