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  1. Haven’t had one since I had mine. Most likely it’s cos not NZ new I guess
  2. The braces I keen on didn’t know you had the rear sway bar though? Old size was 16mm now 22 with 3 way adjustable better make a difference.
  3. Finally found some time to install the whiteline goodies that arrived last week. Now just to find the time to see how it has changed how the car handles.
  4. Lol haven’t even got back to chch. We running late so prob won’t get it done till tomorrow afternoon sorry
  5. No I would like them too. They nice and suit the car really well
  6. I have the factory STI exhaust set up. Wagon only I think I am in chch though
  7. Finally now that I’m home with all the garage gear and driveway space I can clean parts of the car that have been neglected. Today was the wheels lights and exhaust. Wheels had curbing thanks to my wife[emoji849] so thought I’d try and sand the outer lip and see how that looks came up sweet and will keep me happy till the tyres need to be replaced Exhaust was an easy clean with some metal polish and bit of arm muscle Headlights were super nasty yellow from Being outside at Wellington airport for almost 8 months. Used rainx kit that including a sealant to hopefully make it last longer. Will see if it really works Tomorrow’s job is wash and wax and and clean the inside. Once I paid the duty for the whiteline gear that will be installed as well.
  8. All good on my end now thanks @1randomkiwi
  9. I been using tapatalk for years as have all forums that I'm on in the one the place has been great. I must say the update now makes the Clubsub forum way nicer to use on a mobile though than it used to be. If it is a cost thing that the forum has to cover totally understand then didn't realise you had to pay to be able to be on it? Just paid my latest subs with your auto payment so put that money to good use and keep the awesome work up! (if you need more money maybe have an option for different levels of subscribers with different benefits?)
  10. Getting an error when I try and log in from the Tapatalk app ever since this update. Comes up with a huge error message when I try and log in with my username and password. Have you stopped supporting Tapatalk?
  11. Brought some whiteline goodies for the Legacy. Hopefully not long from ozy and I can get them in and stop the back end rolling around.
  12. So you can’t have any LED bulbs in the place of standard incandescent bulbs?
  13. I never had an issue with mine haven’t even bothered to remove any of them for a WOF
  14. Second to last weekend in Wellington so decided to go for a “Sunday drive” around some of the bays in Wellington.