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  1. So you can’t have any LED bulbs in the place of standard incandescent bulbs?
  2. I never had an issue with mine haven’t even bothered to remove any of them for a WOF
  3. Second to last weekend in Wellington so decided to go for a “Sunday drive” around some of the bays in Wellington.
  4. Used the tow bar on the wife’s outback for a change
  5. As above, We have the 2017 outback and have had no issues at all with our one, but the first point of call, if we did, would be Subaru!
  6. Removing the metal shielding when I used to go to the track that was on the back of the discs made a massive difference to heat. I damaged one and removed it and the next time I went on the track was a a massive difference in temp and wear on the brake set up each side
  7. I ripped it all out so I had a clean install way easier that way as said above to actually know what is really in there and problem solving. The cars main wiring harness for the stereo in new models with the 20pin adapter have the steering wheels controls on it so all I had to do was wire a 3.5 audio jack to the 2 wire and then the Sony headunit I had you can tell it what each button does which was mint as didn’t need an adapter like with older setups I have had. The long cables that run up to the windows are usually TV not sat. I was lucky that it didn’t have the DVD player under passenger seat like my old BH5 that had even more cables Good luck with the install
  8. Finally got around to changing the Japanese factory Sat Nav heady to with a new Apple CarPlay unit. Holy crap swear I buy cars with the most overtop wiring. My old BH5 legacy was the same wiring wise too!
  9. Inbetween work ill be glued to the TV love this race still need to get over there and watch it! Will be interesting to see how they go with all the practice being wet and now its dry for qualifying.
  10. Best option and safest for to make sure it all runs well would be the likes of a LINK ECU
  11. All good I sorted it. I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t logged in. [emoji849]
  12. Hey anyone else notice Tapatalk not working wih clubsub forum anymore?
  13. Are you putting them on rims that will be only track type use? If so for good bang for buck I have used the Achillies 123s and have found them excellent in dry and not too bad for a simi slick in the wet.
  14. But it seals it all up good doesn’t it. More the better? [emoji38]
  15. Dam i wish we had mobil 98 in the south island, the onlly choice we get is BP!