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  1. Hmm, but oil smoke is blueish rather than white.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/N-Methylaniline
  3. You'd be mad to get parts anywhere else.
  4. He was pretty thorough with the old V6, so I can't imagine he'll leave much this time around.
  5. Are the windows premade? Please weigh them, and then the respective glass they replaced
  6. Hrm, so BP side feeds are actually a better option than decapped P2 yellows? Can't remember what people have tested decaps at, but I'm guessing you'd get a better spray pattern with the Legacy injectors?
  7. That sucks. Not a tiki tour breakage?
  8. Or if you can't be bothered going further than your mailbox, $26.50 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1805037582
  9. Sounds a bit like it's just the switch?
  10. Put a new header tank in. Also replaced knock sensor. Thanks again Partsouq.
  11. Oh really? I'd have thought axial play was worse than thrust.
  12. The rear plastic C links are terrible for deforming and cracking. I have even seen one snap clean in half on a friends GF8. I would definitely go for an alloy replacement a la Whiteline or other.
  13. The dog bone style may not even fit alloy LCAs. I got the Whiteline ones (identical car) but in hindsight I should have gotten adjustable BNT ones which are identical and cost a fraction of the price; spend the rest on oil, brake fluid, pads.
  14. You'd be best to go talk to someone from your local car club who regularly races a Subaru at tracks. Or someone like Al MacLennan in Wellington who has looked after lots of people's Subaru race cars. Anyone considering a hub swap, here is some sweet non-cert suspension: https://www.trademe.co.nz/1675536862
  15. I have a VF36, but I haven't put the Link in and tuned it yet. I can't use WOT at the moment because it immediately hits boost cut. I can say that it seems to build boost faster than the old VF24.