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  1. Headers and turbo should go pretty quick.
  2. You can also get adapters to run phase 2 injectors to open up your options a bit. Or just change rails.
  3. Is your car twin scroll?
  4. You basically have to upload it elsewhere, and link to it as we don't have media hosting. A few years ago people would have baulked at that price, but things are on the up. You would need to get it back to ostensibly 100% original to qualify it as a collector's car on the world market. Provenance is also important to collectors so you would want as much history as possible. It will be a collectible car, but generally we tend to think of RA and Type R cars as the most desirable cars (from the discussion on here over the years). Would be interesting to see what they are going for in Japan where you will find the most avid collectors.
  5. We are trying to establish the state of the one you are talking about. Do you want to know what a theoretical car in unknown condition is worth to a collector?
  6. Is it the kind that had the curvy high Celica-ish rear spoiler originally? Should it have a fifth injector?
  7. Need applied model code. Should be on the passenger side front strut top.
  8. Don't think you need an account, but signing up for one is free. Search by part number, and it should show you the USD price. It can give you a rough NZD price by changing your preferred currency in the menu, although that may require an account.
  9. https://partsouq.com/en/search/all?q=807515712
  10. Yeah, just get the part number elsewhere. I might have it lying around.
  11. Genuine are cheap as chips off Partsouq.
  12. Yeah, so that's weird. My coupe is a grey import. I wonder if a dealer brought in a bunch of them and fitted stereos to them all.
  13. Strange. That car has the exact same head unit as mine. I just thought it was some old junk the previous owner chucked in to sell it, but maybe that was a factory or optional stereo; Bit of a coincidence if not.