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  1. These are supposed to be *our* Imprezas ;]
  2. It clearly doesn't have very good eyesight
  3. I've got 023212010 for the castle nuts, 31232GA082 for the boots, and 34161SA001 for the rack ends.
  4. Are the inner tie rods interchangeable through the years? I might have this wrong but it looks like they might be up until 2008ish? I have an early 2000s era STi rack here that is going into the coupe and I'm planning on doing a partsouq run for inner and outer. I'm assuming all the outers are the same through the years. Anyone have part numbers?
  5. The other thing to factor in is that they are 30 year old thrashed to death pistons.
  6. I think Al has some. Worth asking.
  7. Hi there, are you a ClubSub sponsor?
  8. Oh noes. Do yourself a favour and learn to drive a manual car ;]
  9. Um, 260 horsies more like. Subaru has never in the known universe claimed a 200+ kw naturally aspirated production car.
  10. What do you mean 'you think shrouds have been added'. Did you drop it off at Al's and say 'fix it'?
  11. A service history doesn't tell you anything at all about how it has been driven unfortunately. Those 160kms could be the equivalent of 80 or 320 depending on treatment. They also don't all come out of the factory equal. The question of whether or not it will blow up is best answered by lots drawn from a hat =P
  12. 300+ club stickers on the 3/4 window.
  13. A great many of us have done a great many laps of Manfeild with an extra 1/2 litre above full. This has also been recommended to Wellington members time and again by more than one well known and respected Subaru engine builder. Experience and impirical evidence always trumps conjecture in my opinion. Each to their own.