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 fish1963 said:

what is the difference between these turbo\'s?

vf13 vf14,vf16 vf17,vf18 vf19?

These are what I call the series 1 (Ball Bearing) turbos with addition of the VF20/21.

The pairing sets VF13/VF14,VF16/17,VF18/19 and VF20/21

Primary turbos VF13w/16w/18W/20W

Secondary turbos VF14W/17W/19/21

w=wastegate with small actuator

W=wastegate with large actuator

Primary:Peak Flow or max CFM VF18>VF20=VF16>>VF13

Secondary: Peak Flow or max CFM VF19>VF21=VF17=VF14

The CFM is based on comparing the Compressor wheel size/trim in combination with turbine wheel (4600I vs 5700I) used and turbine A/R or P

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