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  1. Ordered a Whiteline KCA313 Roll-centre/Bump-steer adjust kit for the WRX. I figured since I was doing all of the other bushings in the car, I may as well finish it off with the ball joints. The only thing letting this car down, handling wise now should be sway bars and crappy tyres!
  2. Some have a cap on both I've seen too, it's an odd mixture... Only really matters to have the header tank.
  3. Could be the coolant temperature sensor for the ECU? There's two if I'm not mistaken, one for the gauge, and one for the ECU. If the ECU isn't getting the correct temperature reading, it may not turn on the fans?
  4. Also, the face-lift models have more emissions stuff I believe too.
  5. Vacuum cleaner and a brush! Or one of the pet hair removal vacuums, a mate has a wet/dry vac that has a pet hair brush which works awesome too.
  6. Hey all, So I picked up this GF8 that'd been 'manual converted' but they never finished the job. I've got a motor in it now, and I'm trying to work out what's been done, and what's required to get it running. I see they removed the TCU so that's good. I can't find the wiring that originally ran to the gear selector, but the key is removable so I assume they sorted that. Now the Neutral switch wiring I think is the issue, as the car won't crank by the key, it just does nothing. I saw in a video (linked below) that for the 2nd gen Legacy, you bridge the lower two pins on the right hand side of the 4x3 transmission connector in the engine bay. This didn't work for me, so does anybody have any ideas? I'll be doing more troubleshooting tonight. The video:
  7. Just got an email half an hour ago that 4 or 5 of the 10 is so items are NLA. Annoying considering the order had to go for approval first, which took a couple of days, it got approve on Tuesday, and now they say some of it isn't available :(.
  8. I placed an order there the other day, some I'm expecting at the end of the moth, and others are mid-late next month
  9. Nice! I was tempted by the swaybars, but I've never actually even driven this car, so I have no idea how it handles. Will get the bushes and billies in, then see if it needs them haha.
  10. Ooh nice! What exactly did you get? I'm I'm on week 3 of waiting for an order from SparesBox in Aus for some whiteline shifter bushings. Decided to order all my other gear just straight through Whiteline themselves for the rest of the gear.
  11. Spent far too much money at Whiteline yesterday, but should hopefully have a car that handles super nice after this lockdown! Full front and rear bushing kits, WEK073 and WEK074. Looking forward to getting these in when they arrive! Wasn't going to do it, but thought stuff it, with this sale one I may as well, and shouldn't have any WOF failures for 20+ year old bushings for years to come.
  12. From the canister to the Fuel pressure regulator? probably not best. MAP and FPR should usually each go directly to the intake, as they're very picky and relied upon. So yeah may be best to move the FPR to the manifold and let the EGR share another vacuum source.
  13. I bought a legacy steering wheel off of trademe for $1 that had the controls on it
  14. Hey! I've been working on the exact same issue, check this thread out: It appears as if our 2011's don't have the feature enabled in the ECU, I've check with a few different applications, and it won't detect the buttons. So far no luck on my end! SSM may be able to enable it, but I don't have a compatible cable to test.
  15. Yeah, have the switches etc ion the pedals, and also the steering wheel controls now. Sadly my BT adapters don't seem to want to connect to this car, so the only actual adapter I have at the moment is a Tactrix cable, which FreeSSM doesn't support
  16. Sweet, migh tjust have to! I'll keep this thread updated if I find anything out
  17. Yeah that's not a bad idea, do you know which group/page that was on? Half the Subaru pages are just for-sale groups now, which is annoying. Guessing maybe NZ Subaru Enthusiasts? Might have to put a post up somewhere.
  18. Yeah, if I had a good local dealer i totally would, but mine's pretty crappy, so might have to take a pass then!
  19. Interesting, a shame I have no tools that'll appear to work with that
  20. 2012 here as well, probably the exact same ROM as yours?
  21. Interesting, didn't realise there were two types, keen to see what comes of this.
  22. Yeah I'm thinking we have all the hardware now, I just suspect this ECU was never used in a car with CC. Wonder (not going to try), if you could take the firmware from one with CC and flash the ECU with that. Already have the steering controls installed, put them in the other week. Yeah I was surprised to see the 4 pin switch too... that's possible actually, regarding EyeSight, although did they ever have that on this gen STI?