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Electric Window reset woes


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Hey guys, for some reason the drivers side window goes up ok but once it reaches the top of it's travel it automatically comes halfway down again ??? It did this a while ago but stopped almost as quick as it started, this time though it's kept on :-\

Any help appreciated :)

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window needs to be reset - applies to all full auto MY98- subaru

Do a search for it on the net

Or buy my car :) lol

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I dont want to sell it to you !, just funny how it winds you up :)

As I said search the net, cant be bothered writing all that up, and also there will be pics for you also on the net

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Am I not good enough to buy your PRECIOUS :o lol. it doesn't wind me up, I find it funny, honestly. Searched the net but can only find something that says to wind it up slowly, once at the top to hold the switch in that position for a few seconds anks that'll reset it. Care to offer your 2 cents, lol.

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Initialization of power window

If the vehicle’s battery is disconnected due

to situations such as battery or fuse

replacement, the following functions are


. One-touch auto up/down function

. Anti-entrapment function

Initialize the power window in the following

procedure to reactivate such functions.

1. Close the driver’s door.

2. Turn the ignition switch to the “ON”


3. Open the driver’s side window halfway

by pushing down the power window


4. Pull up the power window switch and

close the window completely. Continue

pulling up the switch for approximately 1

second after the window is closed completely.

Note only use the non auto function of the switch for this

ie, 1/2 switch movement

The auto system will not reset otherwise

After reset auto function will work as per normal

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Pleanty of stuff on the net about window reset - that was the first one I found

and added my bit on about 1/2 switch application

Deal on my car - bank cheque.

I'll bring it to MM2012 for you

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let me know how this progresses guys. Have had similar issues with my Forester.And I think I've now burnt out the motor. Wont work at all. Anyone have a drivers (2004 model SG9) window regulator for sale?

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