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Brake upgrade.

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So, since my brakes dicked out at hampton downs I guess I need ot start saving for an upgrade of some sort. What do people recommend? These are what I assume are my options for a daily driver/occasional track car. Car has no major performance mods and probably wont be, at most ill be aiming for the generic upgrade path to ~200wkw or so, and not sure if ill run semi slicks.

Am I right in my thinking here?

Option 1) upgrade to the brembos

Pros: 330mm, seem to do the job pretty well with having the much larger brakes. Potentially not having to go to aftermarket rotors

Cons: will need ot buy new wheels as well to clear the calipers. Expensive and a bit more work with having to swap hubs etc

$11-1300 for the rotors/calipers etc then maybe another couple hundred to get the hubs from the v7 wrx to match my diff and still fit them. Will still need to sort brake pads as well.

Option 2) stick with bendix ultimates/some track specific pad on stock size rotors.

Pros: Cheaper. Keep current wheels

Cons: Having to buy new pads/rotors every 2-3 trackdays.

Option 3: Aftermarket rotors/pads.

Pros: Not having to swap hubs/calipers, reaosnably cost effective.

Cons: Not sure if ill still have the same issues as option 2.

What do people think?

I currently have the stock 294mm 4 pots with bendix ultimates on the front, and 276 single pots on the back with HD bendix pads. got 2.5 trackdays and ~5000kms road usage before cracking the front rotor which i replaced when i bought the car, and destroying both front and rear pads. I had no real issues with the braking performance of the car, just that it ate through the brakes a lto quicker than I expected.

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Stick with stock rotors... znollei will not last longer and will eat your pads quicker due to the grooves.

Bendix ultimate are a street pad... get some race pads... if you are cracking rotors maybe your wheel

nuts are too tight? maybe your not heating them up and cooling them down correctly... if you have ABS

you might be over braking...

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Yeah over braking was an issue a couple of times, I thought an aftermarket rotor might be a bit stronger too, and the grooves of the znolli helping with heat dissipation.

 titian said:

Fit Endless pads ;)....They wont fade on you :( Silicone carbide technology!) Bendix are rubbish

I didnt get brake fade, the pad disappeared completely.


Thats one of the fronts that came off the side that cracked the rotor, im assuming the rotor just cheese grated it.

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I\'ve run bendix ultimate pads on cheap bnt rotors on my forester at the track, never had any issues (ie my fronts are over 10\'000kms old and 4 track days)

on my race car i\'ve run 4pots with ultimate pads and cheap discs, worked good but i managed to start cracking discs so now i\'ve upgraded to brembos with endless pads, works super good.

I\'d reccomend just upgrading pads (endless etc), running new cheap bnt discs and motul rbf660 fluid

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[quote name='loner said:

get motul rbf600 not rbf660... way cheaper, and rbf660 only handles 10% more heat.


last time i got fluid there was only the 660 available at bnt, they thought the 600 had been replaced with 660?

rbf600 always sells out because everyone still uses it... 660 is not a replacement... just handles slightly more heat.

BNT in wellington has both... you generally have to wait for 600 though.

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Heat is what cracks rotors and accelerates wear on your pads. You need to look at pads that handle a higher heat range, and get as much cool air to your rotors as you can. Simple ducting from the front bumper does wonders.

An advantage of good quality aftermarket rotors is that they will have much better designed cooling vanes which will pump air out more effectively than the factory "pillar" vane design. Although, they will be priced accordingly (and I am not sure of what readily available bolt on options are available for subarus? - DBA kangaroo paw design is still a pillar type vane and I personally don\'t think they work as good as they claim... Just in my opinion/experience though).

Hampton downs is very hard on brakes, so I would definitly look at adding some ducting. This combined with good pads (I\'d suggest endless N35S compound), and fluid should see you right.

But the brembo front upgrade is a very good one if you want piece of mind and no more rotor cracking worries. The 326x30mm discs can dissapate a lot more heat than the 294mm ones. Just comes down to how much cash you want to spend I guess.

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