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Brake master cylinders

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Hi all

Buttoning up some parts of the racecar at the moment and have got to te brakes, is there any difference in diameters of brake master cylinder piston? Car is a v1 ra with no abs, upgraded to 4 pot front and still single pot rears, and would like to go to brembos later on, is a bg5 any better or should I be looking at v7 onwards stuff?

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unsure, probably cars that came with brembos or 4 pots from factory. you also need to make sure they have the same amounts of ports as the one you have or you will have to moify your lines to suit, i had 4 ports but the new one only had 2 so i had to run T\'s to get 4 ports.

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 ARGHAYE said:

what are the bigger ones off?

I got mine off a V6 STI RA, this was a non abs unit so cant be 100% sure on the abs ones.

Is clearly marked on the mater cylinder so easy to spot. Dansco auto dismantlers had one a while back (if that\'s what they are called, they are on this forum and TM).

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