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GFB G-Force 2 Boost Controller Issues...


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Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it.

slystiguy I agree, however mine just isn't doing what its meant to... I don't have an original manual, just a brief one I found online. Its does mention the duty cycle adjusts the boost level, however mine has the same settings but will not boost 21 no matter what I try... Fitted an HKS EVC 3 into my Type R and its so easy to use, wish I had gone this route rather than GFB in my RA...

kwi_fozze Thanks, I'll give it a try this wkend. Adjusted the duty cycle, but returned to main menu once adjusted (no change)

I can't understand why the first few settings still work, but nothing above 15.7 psi... All saved settings have same duty cycle, sensitivity & gain.

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I think you need to check over how it's setup and make sure you don't have anything silly like boost leaks or lose wiring to the controller things like that.

Here's the original manual which has a lot of good information so I encourage you to save these photos and read them top to bottom. You need to test duty cycle in a higher gear 3-4-5 to avoid overboost. I set mine up on the highway in the middle of nowhere so I could do sneaky 3rd to redline pulls.

















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Haha... Appreciate you taking the time. Couldn't open the PDF either and got tired of trying to access it via the GFB website.

Just got back from a good thrash, thanks a lot for the advice. The car is back to running 21!

I adjusted the duty to 70% did a run (leaving it in duty mode) and hit just over 18 psi. Saved this setting, did another run on 75% duty and hit 21psi. Still have the stock STI exhaust on (from WOF on Thurs) but didn't notice too much of a difference.

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