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Does anyone know of a good panel beater in the Dunedin area???


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Just recently brought a GT-B from Hamilton, mechanically the car is perfectly sound, cosmetic wise its in need of some TLC. Being a North island vehicle it has the dents from other doors, stone chips on the bonnet and a front lip in need of a re spray. Any help on suggestions or if anyone knows of someone keen on cashies, let me know :-)

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Bridgman st, the place with the beetle on a pole.

Don't look any further, these guys fixed up shale for us, with his genuine V6 front kit, they sourced an alloy bonnet, front fender, the correct crystal leadlights and V5/6 grille, and also repaired the bumper, and lip. The paint is PERFECT (I've seen some disasters from Queenstown I tell you what), and it only came up to $3300, on an insurance job no less. Honestly, the car came out better than it was before we were cut off by a big horn not giving way...

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