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4-Pot Pad Change (Sumitomo Caliper)

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I couldn't find a how to on this, so thought I would try my hand as I was already taking photos on to remind myself. I know they're some of the easier things to do and most on here will know how, but hopefully it will help someone.

It's a very easy job to change the pads in these, so time to get stuck in.

What you will need;

⦁ Set of Pads (obviously) Bendix - DB1170, TRW - GDB1006

⦁ Jack

That's pretty much it for what I consider mandatory, but I'd recommend also having;

⦁ Jack Stands

⦁ A set of needle nose pliers

⦁ A can of brake clean

⦁ Anti Seize

So before we start, get the front up in the air and the wheels off. If you have stands use them. You won't be going under the car, but better safe then sorry!









Hope thats good enough. I have other pictures, but I tried to condense it down, so if you think there's a step that needs explanation let me know.

And yes, i know I did number 3 twice -_-

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 GC8E2DD said:
Good write up, but you should add bleeding procedure for completeness =]

Annoyingly I actually bled all the brakes the FIRST time I put the pads in :P Oh well, theres always next time

Cheers for the comments anyway guys, I was worried people would hate it

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Very nice. I'll just add that if the original pads were quite low, pushing the pistons back can make the fluid reservoir overflow so keep an eye on it. Or if full, draw some out before starting. Then check fluid levels afterwards.

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