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Meet/cruise Sat May 16th- marlborough side

94 Leone

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Bit of a meet/cruise saturday 16th not sure on finer details yet-

Will be blenheim/picton area probably involve lunch and a cruise.

Will update here and on facebook.


Will be whoring it around in an attempt to bolster numbers- will be my last outing for a while.


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I'm retarded and made the facebook event private
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 Joker said:
added to title for ja

free bump

great to see you making things happen in your area!

haha; well Zach has been moved to auckland now, and It wasn't going to organise itself.

I'll be blenhiem side for the next while now- next three months I may be less active than normal on teh webs.

But we'll see.

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Okay update: We've sorted out details; don't you love details?

The plan:

Meet up at shelly beach around 12-12:30, photos yarns smiles, then a quick cruise up to karaka point for more photos smiles and banter, nice group shot,

Then roll back to town for lunch and park up at the foreshore. May stop at a pretty cool Marina for phtos on the way back or to karaka point.

See you all there. :)

Last time we were at said Marina


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Holy edit batman! the img referencing was being a slut
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