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OSCC Adams AutoCross (grass) Nov 1st.


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OSCC are hosting an autocross next month (four in fact),

First one's November 1st,

Ideal way to practice your driving skills legally and safely,




Minimum requirements:

A safe car to at least Warrant of Fitness standards, an approved crash helmet, fire retardant overalls (ie at least 100% cotton with close fitting cuffs), a civil driver’s licence (arrangements can be made for under-age drivers).

Note: to do more than two Autocross a year you need to become a member a MotorSport NZ member club (eg the OSCC).

Note: open top cars (eg MX5) require roll protection for all events.


Check out their site for more information.


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sweet, reminds people on the fun they missed out on too hah these pics are cool

I do it for the DCC stuff when I remeber to post up


we're looking t rearrange the forum structure to make stuff easier to find so feed back welcome!

as in are the area events better in the area or the events section / is the events section defunct? (free bump will unsticky this thread now

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