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Auto box or centre diff thumping

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Hi guys,

So today I went to do a U turn in the Forester, when I started I felt a clunk and then as I continued driving I got a repetitive thump coming from what I assumed was right below the shifter I was pretty close to a mechanics so I stopped in to see them. They took it for a couple of small drives and then up on the hoist, they diagnosed that "teeth have stripped from the gearbox to engine or diff (Wasn't really listening when he told me i need a new gearbox TBH) but he said it would be replacement auto box, fluid and 7 hours labour.

The thing is I limped it home and the gearbox seemed to be performing fine, changing smooth, no slippng, power loss etc which made me think more along the lines of front/centre diff, a little youtubing and Googling I found this video

which the symptoms are pretty much identical to mine... does this sound more likely the issue than a gearbox and is this a common issue with the SG Foresters?

TIA guys ;)

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autos dont have a center diff. its normally the 4wd solenoid thats causes these binding on turns. is your sport/power light flashing? if not than you might just have dirty fluid in the trans. get a trans flush done first before going on to spend loads of money on replacing the box. it has to have a flush, not just oil replacement, which takes around 10 liters to do. after that do couple of tight turns and see if it makes any difference.

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 cliffdunedin said:
Sorry after watching the video again i realised he was turning, this noise also happens in a straight line!

No lights and the only thing i can find with similar symptoms seem to come back to replacing centre diff/transfer case.

Again they don't have centre diffs or transfer cases they have a clutch pack.

Try Change the fluid first if you haven't done so. the whole automatic transmission is reliant on good fluid.

The noise your hearing is the binding of the clutches in the clutch pack.

If it was me i would drop out what fluid is in the pan to see how deteriorated it is then go from there

Worst case is you replace fix soleniod and clutch pack

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