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Mechanic Recommendation Needed.

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I have been living in the Nelson/Tasman region for a few years now. After striking some duds I have a go-to mechanic for general maintenance, WOF etc. Nice place but not Subaru gurus (by their own admission).

I have recently decided that my 97 GF8 is worth nearly nothing in trade and I would need to spend a relative fortune to buy something quicker and new enough to count as a real upgrade. SO.... Time to spend some proper money on the old girl then drive her for another 18 years.

Can anyone recommend a good Subaru specialist in Nelson/Richmond/Mot that can help me get my WRX into optimal condition? Ideally it would be a shop that can offer some advice on adding a little performance to the mix as well. I've owned the car a long time and it isn't as exciting as it was.

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I met a guy in Nelson who used to work in Subaru and many people go to him for few jobs.

I'm planning to get a clutch job done from him so I'll let you know how it goes?

Also gotta ask if he wants his details on here cuz he seemed to be flatout at the moment tbh..

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