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v7 STi Fluids

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Hi All,

Before I ask, sorry for the noob question and if it has already been covered (I looked through the search but couldn't find much).

I'm wanting to do my own transmission oil change, just wondering what is the best oil to use and what type of brand?

Also I currently have Magnatec Professional engine oil, looking at switching to Motul... Does anyone have any experiences with Motul? Is it any good?


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Just my own two cents here. Motul = spency. In saying that, you buy good oil for a reason. I personally used Castrol Syntrax in my Gearbox (v10 STi 6 speed), can't remember the oil for the rear diff, will find the container when I'm home, and for engine oil I used Penrite 10 Tenths Racing 10w40. Although I might be going to a slightly thicker viscosity due to the KM's getting a bit higher on my motor now.

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