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Yes they do fit. If what you are getting is height adjustable, then you'll have no issues.


The only real consideration when getting suspension from a WRX, is the height in the rear is different between Sedan and Wagon, the sedan being lower, and requires spacers to sit at the right height.


There is a local guy in Wellington who has just installed BC Golds into his SG9 Forester and aside from issues getting the cert, he hasn't had any issues in the actual fitment / install of them.

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On 4/25/2018 at 0:11 PM, Scoobydoo said:


As luck would have it, I have a set that I got for my Foz's but never used


Brand new, still in packet. $65 inc shipping



Hi @Scoobydoo sweet i am happy to take them off you mate, how does it fit though? do i have to open the top hat and put this on? not sure how this fits in place...sorry talking to a noob here....

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When you swap the suspension over.. you put this over the top of the top-mount, then install it into the car. So basically, it is sandwiched between the top-mount and the car's chassis. They are 10mm thick so it should still give more than enough thread to bolt your nuts onto.


Send me a PM and we'll sort out the $ and postage

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