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Hi Otago members. I saw this car in Trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1692264221


Wonder if anyone know the history of the car? member's car?


Look like very clean and tidy car from photo but with the milage it may be a concern. So it will be great if anyone local know the car can tell me more. Cheers

As soon as I post. I have from some history of the car in carjam. Not ideal anymore.

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I've never seen it around central before I'll ask my friend in Dunedin if they know the owner.


Looks pretty tidy but needing replacement headgaskets, clutch and gearbox all before 200k makes me wonder how it has been driven.


Edit: They both said they had only seen it parked, it looked real tidy but thought the doors had been repainted with a not quite perfect paint match. Take that for what it's worth, sorry not super helpful.

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I pass it on my way to work occasionally. Young-ish guy in his late 20's driving it maybe? 

I recognized the car as I've seen it myself on trademe and was once tempted, its been for sale quite some time.

Always looks like its been driven 'normally' ( e.g. not raced between each set of lights like most!) and it doesn't seem to smoke on acceleration etc.

Sorry not much help, but it may be something!

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Ha, my old car. I had the engine rebuild done, did most of the zero sports stuff, put the wheels on. Done quite a lot of kms since I sold it, I think it had 160ish 3 or 4 years ago. I spent a lot of money that I didnt get back when I sold it haha.



Miss the car a lot.



Missing off the auction is a rebuilt ver7 block with crossdrilled crank, pbms baffled sump and a few other bits.

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