Short shifter for WRX 2018

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@KiwiJoe has the short shifter plate on his so can probably tell you where he got it from.


On 7/20/2018 at 6:51 PM, KiwiJoe said:

I put in the remaining stuff I bought: a Boomba short shifter plate, a Perrin steering dampener lockdown, and a Perrin brass shifter bushing. The dampener lockdown is probably the easiest piece I've ever put on, and literally took five minutes. The brass bushing would also be pretty quick, but means detaching the shift cable and the bushing cover. The Boomba, on the other hand, was an absolute bastard to put on as it has the plate has a heat shield on it that you have to take off, with a hidden bolt tucked way up high next to the transmission, and a roll pin that just didn't want to come out. For good measure, I also cut my hand on the exhaust heat shield. Again.


Here's the factory and the Boomba side by side. The boomba is more than twice the thickness (which you can't really see in the picture) and weight:




I'm happy with all of them, but surprisingly the one I think makes the biggest different was the easiest one to install: the dampener lockdown. I would definitely recommend it.



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I got the plate from Subispeed in the US. You can also get an actual short shift kit from several manufacturers, or an official STI version, but those will be a mission to get in (Google to see what I mean). The Boomba plate is relatively straight forward.

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