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STI Group N Transmission Mount & short shifter kits


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Hi All,

I am considering purchasing this STI GROUP N reinforced transmission mount for my BD5 Legacy with a bugeye V7 STI 6speed gearbox.

Does anyone here have any experience with this mount?



My car is a street car 90% of the time. I have been looking on youtube for feedbacks and reviews - but the increased noise or vibration is not obvious, and I haven't been in a car with it before.


This is the solid GROUP N transmission mount. I will probably not buy this one but it's for reference.



Also, I am looking for short shifter kit recommendations. I am leaning towards the GFB short shifter kit - 4003




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I don't have those personally but from my research, STI group N is the best option for the price vs results. It will be less NVH than any other aftermarket solid mount, the increase in NVH for the transmission mount is supposed to only be a little and of those that noticed an increase it was seen as a positive because transmission whine sounds great to some people.


If you're looking at the upgraded mount you will also want to get the crossmember inserts for the transmission cradle too.


A good place to look for aftermarket parts and read reviews on said parts is www.rallysportdirect.com - just be careful in regards to parts which are LHD / RHD specific.

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