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Bh5c fuel cut/code 66

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Hi all been lurking for a bit trying to find answers, hoping you fellas could help out a wee bit... anyway...


2001 Ej208 tt rev c bh5 legacy wagon... gtb e tune


Got my first CEL a couple months back in the middle of nowhere after planting WOT uphill in 2nd, got a brief fuel cut and CEL came on... tyrned car off and back on but had no boost, had a very boring 200km drive back to chch in limp mode.


Checked stored codes and had a 22-knock sensor- and 66-turbo system-. I expect the 66 was from the fuel cut and 22 could have been resulting? Otherwise may have been stored.. never checked the codes before though.


After this i reset the ecu and got an obd2 device and got an ecu reader program on my laptop to see whats going on... all new stuff to me so really not sure what to be looking for. Ran a few test pulls 50%, 80% and 100% throttle and only got fuel cut and CEL at 100%. Also threw a code 45-air pressure sensor-at this point, which hasnt come back yet either


Before this i havnt had any issues with the car at WOT. HOWEVER. Before our trip (2 days) i recently got the "correct size" tires put on. From 205 45 17 to 215 45 17, i think. Dont think ecu was reset after the change either. Which could have contributed?


Also went from 10w 40 semi to 10w 40 fully synthetic about 2 months prior too, with a HUGE improvement of boost from the secondry. Dont have a boost gauge so no numbers but the increase wase massive, which leads me to think it could have also been overboosting?


Still boosts ok on primary (although doest feel like its as much as it used to) and secondary kicks in around 5300 which seems late? But does boost a bit but cant floor it or it throws CEL (havnt tried for a month now too scared D:)


So far ive cleaned the MAF, pulled out bbod and sprayed carb cleaner in most of the solenoids i can get to with 1 or 2 hoses off at a time. Dont want to have anymore off at this stage while im still somewhat unfamiliar of the vac layout. Also cleaned a couole hoses, quite a bit of dirt coming out of those so thinking i may need to clean or replace the whole system? But havnt been able to find a source for 3.5mm ID hose.


Anyone had similar issues or heard of anything like this before? Or if theres any other information that could help let me know.


Appreciate any replies!


If theres any other info i think of that would be usefull ill add on later.

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Firstly, get a boost gauge. without one, you are flying blind and simply assuming. 


It sounds like its fuel cutting due to over boosting. The boost solenoid is kept in the passenger l left-hand front wheel arch. make sure its plumbed and actually working.. also check to make sure the restrictor pill in the vac line coming off the wastegate actuator is in there. 


Its a Rev-D so this is all tunable - Its unlikely but not impossible that nothing is wrong and someone has already had a play with the boost table.


If you have a cable to log with install Romraider logger and view the MAP sensor - instead of going out and buying a boost gauge 

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Thanks for the quick reply, I'm fairly certain its Rev C, chassis code is bh5C5CD.


Havn't had a look at the solenoid inside the passenger side arch but it was ticking in test mode yesterday.


And the pill should be in the small hose between the T from the actuator and the primary turbo? looks to be there i can see the ledge of both nipples and then a bulge from the center of it which should be the pill.


I'll have a look at the logs once my laptop finishes updating  and see what i can get out of there.


Just checked the codes labeled on the ecu "Y9" "22611 AG302" is this stock? had a quick google and from what i see its a zerosports one? 


Any suggestions for boost gauge on a budget? and what line is recommended to plumb it into?



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Ahh Rev-C it is, thats no fun. You can still log the Rev-C though so if you are feeling up to it try Romraider logger and go fro a drive. 


Any boost gauge off trademe will give you an idea, sometimes the cheap ones are 1-2psi off but usually pretty good and fine for diagnostics. 

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Well laptop still isn't going so got a boost gauge hooked up and its not making any boost at all on primary - wont go above 0, secondry turbo still seems to boost didn't try WOT but boost didn't really kick in untill 5500-6000 rpm.


I've noticed a slight rattle coming form the secondry turbo area (i think) could this be the actuator? and would that provide the symptoms I'm seeing?

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