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Anyone got feedback for these plugs?


I replaced the plugs yesterday with ILFR6B, which the NGK website and book said to use for the EJ20Y.


Running now, get a nasty hesitation above 3,000rpm all through the power range on boost. 

I reverted back to stock tune, used my original coils etc and still does it, only thing that has changed is new plugs.


Now I check the FSM and they say to use SILFR6A for the turbo model? Would this cause the nasty hesitation when on the boost? 


Originally the car was running LFR6AIX-P.



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4 minutes ago, Andy_Mac said:

Did you check the gaps we're correct before installing?

Might have to pull them and check. First time I have done plugs so will learn for next time.


Romraider reports no misfire, but it feels like it. 

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So pulled the plugs and found the culprit.


All the gaps were perfect, around 0.7mm ish. 

One plug had in fact a small hairline crack in it, which I can only assume happened during install, even though was very careful. Regardless I chucked an old plug in to test, and pulls like it used too.


Ordered another and back on with the tune tomorrow once it arrives. 

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