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V4 gc8 boost control selenoid piping 3 port

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Having trouble with overboosting and then only boosting 7 psi, will spike to 20 for about 10 mins of driving, got the restrictor pill on but not sure of piping, can't find info anywhere regarding this issue, if someone can help me out plz. Wrx 1998

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As a temp fix, run a piece of silicone hose from the turbo nipple to the wastegate. This will stop the over boost.



Subaru's don't like over boosting so I wouldn't be driving it hard if it's boosting too high. I think we will need a photo of your setup to provide more information. A 3 port solenoid is probably more capable than a factory boost setup, but it requires aftermarket support or retunes. It's not necessarily a bad thing to have. ..


Here's some info on factory plumbing for you







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