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05 Outback, Android to replace single din with which Double din?


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I have a Pioneer head unit in my 05 outback. It is technically imported, but at 1000km as NZ stock ran out it was converted to NZ, except of course Japan runs on 100 octane so its been run on 98 all its life, 240000km. It has not had a single fault (aside from changing the airbag everybody had to). Its been service by Subaru NZ since new and done every 10000km, done by the service manual/log book. I have its 15 years of service history. Lovely car to own and drive.

I considered getting the pioneer BT receiver but its $150. Id much prefer a double DIN android model so I dont have to rely on my phone for maps etc. 

Is it possible to get a reasonably good Android HU for ~$500?

I presume it has a Subaru to Pioneer loom adapter in there at the moment....


I saw these but they are not technically running android which negates me wanting an android device (apple as well if possible for resale if need be) https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/pioneer-pioneer-avh-a215bt-double-din-head-unit/589888.html?cgid=SCN01030703#start=4


Any tips much appreciated.

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On 13/07/2020 at 8:54 PM, gotasuby said:

#Aliexpress NZ$ 382.59 51%OFF | PX6 IPS 7" 2 din Android 10.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 6 Core Car dvd player for Universal RDS auto Radio GPS navigation Bluetooth wifi



I've got 2 of these in bpe cars. They are really good value for money 

Hey guys thanks, sorry for really late reply, forgot about thread.

This last one looks real good, even can do a reverse camera. I wonder if there is a new model with android 11 yet or if this one is updateable?

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