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Cheapest tow hitch front and back Auck? Outback 04


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I need a tow hitch on an h6 04/05 Outback.

Where would be the cheapest place to get one fitted? (its not legal to fit one yourself?)

Also I need one for the front to push a boat into place, cant be done in reverse. Would a tongue system be the best and most economical way? If it costs too much I will find another way to get my boat in place. Cheers

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No bueno on the front hitch, there aren't any structures at the front of the car that are a. strong enough for a towball and b. legal to modify.


You could definitely do a big steel beam across between the chassis rails to replace the bumper support and then hang a towball from that but there is no way in hell it would be a legal modification of the frontal impact structures.

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Well Ive had a look and Im 100% confident I can do it myself with my torque wrench.

However, finding one at a wreckers;

Do any other models use the same tow hitch design/bolt pattern as the BP?

Do any of the Legacy sedans use the same hitch/design etc as the BP?

Heaps of tow hitches at the wreckers, but not sure if the design (ie the bolt pattern) was the same for similar models and years?

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North Shore Tow Bars told me they dont do Tongue and Hitch systems for Outbacks. Ive seen them on many of my Gen models. I guess keep asking around. $450 for a standard bar seems steep when I can get a used one for $49 and they arent rocket science to install with a torque wrench etc.


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not seen them but maybe because they are 'lightweight'?


I don't remember where I got my Legacy Tow Bar from (was a wide one bolted to the sub frame) 1200kg etc (nearly 15 years ago) doesnt seem like something you'd want to skimp on?


 also you've probably seen these right? (for the Boat)






I'll assume the boat is a big boy & this will struggle as well and just flip you into the neighbours yard 

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