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2012 Legacy auto start-stop not working

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G'day all. I have just picked up a 2012 Legacy, which was imported into NZ from Japan just over a year ago. It's in mint condition and I'm enjoying driving it. It has an engine auto stop-start feature, (ie. when you're at traffic lights and stopped it will turn the engine off to save fuel) though it does not seem to be working. I don't have an owner manual for it and all of the ones I have found online are American and don't seem to have the auto stop-start feature. 


Does anyone have any thoughts on why it might not be working or troubleshooting tips?



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are you sure?


though I've never driven any Subaru that new, the Ranger I drive for work has the feature


and it can be turned off, but always comes back on as 'standard' each time you start it (I read the manual in the glovebox)

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Different I know, but just some random info. 
My partner's Mazda 3 has this feature, and it's very hit and miss when it works, I think there's a ton of conditions around when it'll turn the engine off etc, sometimes under harder braking it'll turn off, sometimes not on hills etc. 

But we always just disable it as soon as we get in the car. It's the most frustrating thing ever. Pull up to a stop sign, find a gap in traffic and go... wait no, engine has to start now! And now it's too late to pull into traffic and the gap has gone....

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