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error codes non starter help b2203 b2204 b2215

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Push button non start. No repsonse to either of the two fobs.


B2203 Abnormal immobilizer power supply
B2204 Abnormal Steering Lock power supply
B2215 Abnormal ID Co


The above 3 error codes popped up by the auto electrical guys. Apparrantly this was rectified.

Following day car a non starter again.

Returned to auto electriican. Claims no fault codes and starts for them.

Anyone encounter these issues? If so what was the remedy? THanks


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Nope but sounds like battery maybe s***. 
if you have a charger put it on for a bit before you try and start it. Loads of battery issues with the lockdowns and sitting for months. 

in the morning after sitting overnight you get problems. After a drive it’s got enough charge to not have issues for a while. 

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