WRX V6 revving troubles after failed DP change

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Hey Guys!


Long time no post, haven't been in the Subaru game since I sold my Legacy (mega regret)


So my mate has a WRX V6. 

He bought a downpipe from TM and we went to fit it a couple of weekends ago. While we were at it, replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets and also the turbo-downpipe gasket.

New downpipe was installed, but didn't line up with the mid pipe at all so a dud. 

Long story short, went back to factory downpipe (with new gasket) and bolted everything back up.


When driving, changing from 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 clutch is pushed in, but revs would keep revving higher (as if the accel pedal was in, but it wasn't)

O2 sensor on factory DP hooked back up, downpipe - midpipe all snug and fitted. Could it be that 1 nut from the turbo-downpipe is mysteriously missing?


Is this a common issue? or something to do with mis-bolting something back up? or that 1 nut that mysteriously went missing so 4/5 is attached from TB-DP?


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Sounds like a mechanical issue. Is the accelerator cable free of everything and in exactly the right place?

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Have you checked you didn’t know or cut any wastegate pipes. 

or the tps sensor isn’t plugged in. 

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hmm okay okay

Thank you @RaKid and @Gripless will have to go through everything and make sure accel cable is all good and tps sensor plugged.


The car was running completely fine before this failed DP install so might have knocked something or moved something.


in other news..

does anyone have the nut that goes on the the turbo - downpipe bolt?

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