What causes jerking on / off acceleration?

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My forester noticeably jerks when letting off the accelerator and when going back on, even when doing it extremely delicately. Coming off throttle, there's a short second then you feel like a surge / jerk. When applying throttle, it sort of jerks a bit heading back up the revs (rev gauge and move back and forward). Much more noticeable at lower speeds but still does it through the gears at higher speeds.


Sometimes second gear, having a tiny but constant amount of throttle applies, the car will jerk back and forward kinda violently while sitting over 2k rpm.

This was worse before I got it tuned, but it's still quite persistent. Reading up about could be a million things.. I've recently had spark plugs changed and the car scanned, which pulled no fault codes.

It's not a biggy, just makes driving slightly unenjoyable.


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