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Gen 4 legacy airbag light

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Ever since the butchers at SubLab East Tamaki made a right meal of the airbag recall on my car, the airbag light on the dash has come on and off at random times. Now it's on almost permanently. Is the yellow wiring under / behind the dash the airbag loom? Are there any areas in particular I should be looking at, of just try to check everything?

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After I wrote Subaru NZ a letter explaining all the damage they did to the interior of my car while doing the recall, all the not-refitted screws I found on the floor / in the console / under the floor mats, the trim pieces that fell off when I looked at them, and then receiving no reply what-so-ever, you might be able to understand my complete lack of confidence in anything they ( attempt to ) do, and my very strong desire to never have them touch my car ever again.


It also was not on that often immediately after the recall ( but it had never ever come on prior to the recall work ), so I wasn't initially that concerned about it. Over time it has steadily got worse, to the point now I wonder if the airbag would actually function correctly in the event it was required to

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