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VF26 (VF27 CHRA) Turbo smoking

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Hi all, looking to get to the bottom of this...


Have a BH5 legacy, had some major play in the vf26 that was in it so got a cheap vf27 and swapped the CHRA from it over (http://www.subyclub.com/topic/5276-diy-convert-your-tt-primary-turbo-to-ball-bearing/), however every time i've test driven it, there seems to be smoke coming from the turbo.


I've done some reading and founds that the BB cores require much less oil/pressure than the journal bearing, which is what the original turbo was so could possibly be too much pressure? I've checked the oil feed banjo bolt size and the hole is about 1.5mm but cant remember if this was from the original VF26 or the vf27.


And now I'm wondering whether I put sealant on the back of the compressor plate when I put it back together >.> would that cause this issue?


Other thought is that the cheapy turbo was already busted...


Any thoughts?



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Smoke coming from the turbo itself, wut?


Sealant on the compressor plate isn't going to make it smoke.


1.5mm is on the larger side for a ball bearing turbo, I believe the standard ones are 1mm? But also unlikely to actually be an issue.


Did you re-use the copper washers on the oil and coolant feed banjos, and if so, did you re-anneal them?



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so you've gone from a 26/27 pair to a 27/27 pair?


other than that sorry no useful imput from me


oil pressure could / should be the same yeah?



On 30/07/2009 at 9:48 PM, gtlegacy said:

VF25 TB, PZ12 ex.h/38.2mm c.h/10b c.w/0.36 A/R - JDM MY00 Legacy B4 Primary turbo

VF26 TB, PZ14 ex.h/38.2mm c.h/0.48 A/R - JDM Legacy B4 Primary turbo

VF27 BB, PZ18 ex.h/38.2mm c.h/10b c.w./0.63 A/R - JDM Legacy Secondary turbo




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