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Small light wheels for Impreza?

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 GC8E2DD said:
Pray tell, what is the official size/ width to weight ratio that defines regular vs lightweight wheel?

If you look at the table at the start of this thread comparing wheel weights. You'll see Volk TE37 and Advan RG are noticably lighter than average. Would you describe those as light weight wheels?

The other thing you could do to understand further is compare the weight of regular stock wheels to the wheels in the table. Most factory subaru 16s weigh 16.5lbs see here boy http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2239019

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Oh yes I see. 12.75 magic imperial beans vs 11 magic imperial beans. Advan RG 16x7 must be regular, and TE37 16x7 lightweight. 128 cubic inches per pound good, 110 cubic inches per pound bad, 85 cubic inches per pound shameful! Nearly got my head around it, thanks!

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